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Where can I download photo editing software

Picasa is a web site from Google's photo software download free, feature of many:

     * Quickly find scattered on the hard disk of a variety of photos and pictures.
     * Edit photos and adjust the effect.
     * By e-mail or share photos Picasa Web Gallery.

The latest version of Picasa is 2.7.

Official Website:
Download Address:

The application of the platform Windows Linux
F-Spot Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Lightroom is a comparison for the professional photographer's software:

     * For a good support RAW format.
     * Non-destructive editing, you can at the same time to maintain multiple versions of photos for easy comparison and selection.
     * Output to Flash, such as Web Page and the Gallery to generate functional format.

Lightroom is the latest version 1.3.1, price of 299 U.S. dollars.

Official Website:
Download trial:

The application of the platform Windows Linux

Pictomio is a use of the graphics hardware acceleration features of the free photo management software:

     * Use the Shader Model 2.0 graphics hardware acceleration above capacity.
     * High-quality smooth zoom effects.
     * Dazzling views of the 3D effect.
     * Free photo editing EXIF information.

Pictomio is the latest version 0.2 Alpha, still in a very early stage.

Official Website:
Download Address:

Applies to Windows platform
F-Spot F-Spot
F-Spot is a Linux running on the Gnome desktop environment, a powerful photo management software:

     * Simple and friendly user interface.
     * Color fast and accurate adjustment, including brightness (brightness), contrast (contrast), color (hue), brightness (saturation), temperature (temperature) and so on.
     * Support for non-destructive photo editing of multi-version.
     * Open source.

F-Spot is the latest version of 0.4.1 in Ubuntu Linux in the F-Spot is a default on the program installed.

Official Website:
Download Address:

Applicable to Linux platform
Pixelmator Pixelmator
Pixelmator is a brand new GPU to accelerate the use of the image editing software:

     * Use GPU to accelerate the transformation of a variety of filter effects.
     * A very small footprint, fast startup.
     * Multi-layer editing.

Pixelmator is the latest version of 1.0, prices of 59 U.S. dollars.

Official Website:
Feature List:
Download Address:

Applies to Mac platform
Pixelmator Skitch
Skitch is a fun software plus a very good picture of the network storage services:

     * According to CMD + SHIFT + 5 interception current in a certain part of the screen.
     * The adoption of Skitch editing software images, alter, add text and special effects.
     * Skitch software through one-click upload to the server share Skitch.
     * A whole is very simple and comfortable user experience.

Skitch is currently beta testing.

Official Website:

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Where can I download photo editing software

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