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Three photo editing software comparison

Referred to photo processing, a lot of people will think of Photoshop, but it gives you a powerful image editing functions, but also ask you to have a higher capacity of the actual operation, which makes a lot of beginners "daunting." In fact, there are many photos can also be convenient to deal with tools capable of handling our needs photos.

In this paper, we and all of them to understand and compare several photo editing software to help us quickly and easily to deal with the effect of a good photo.

Would be capable of general image editor, simple operation, is our choice of image design tools of the basic conditions, in accordance with this requirement, we chose three image editing tools for evaluation.

Software Version: 9.0 Build 115 Edition
One with us for many years, the old image browsing, processing tools, it provides a relatively rich image editing tools.

Light and magic hands
Software version: V0.24
A digital photo to improve the quality and effect editing software. Through its professional image does not require any technology, you can produce professional color film photography.

Turbo Photo
Software version: V5.8
A digital photography as the background for the design of digital camera users a set of general sets picture management, browsing, enhancing the home-made software to deal with.

First, the simplicity of dealing with pictures

Photo editing, we pursue a simple, simple is an important measure of the difficulty of the operation must be low. In image processing, the brightness adjustment can be said to be the most basic one of the adjustment operations, many high-level brightness adjustment are all built on the basis of regulation, so the brightness of image adjustments can be a true reflection of the operation of image processing tools ease.

ACDSee convenient
As long as the light of the ACDSee can easily drag the slider to change the brightness of images; At the same time, by entering the brightness parameter values can also change the image brightness, the direct effect of regulation embodied in the images (Figure 1).

Hand is very simple magic of light and shade
Magic light adjust the brightness of hand quite satisfactory, provided only a regulation of the way, drag the slider to adjust parameter values, the direct effect of regulation embodied in the images (Figure 2).

Turbo Photo slightly complex
Turbo Photo slightly more complicated, after adjusting the effect of it through the preview window to the performance of a preview of its very powerful, providing a before and after the effect of contrast, comparison of horizontal, vertical contrast, compared with the histogram (Figure 3). Unfortunately, however, Turbo Photo not provided by the first two tools with the "gamma" parameter adjustment.

Three post-processing software easy photo compare the design of online finishing.

ACDSee is easy operation, and it provided "Exposure Warning", the operator has a prompt effect, is more suitable for beginners. Hand magic of light and shade is also very simple to operate, as long as the drag the slider on the line, but the operation in restitution, the relatively cumbersome and did not provide the corresponding functions, operate some trouble. Turbo Photo of the most complex operation, but it provides a good spin-off features to compensate for the complexity of the operation more suitable for a certain degree of image processing experience in the use of the operator.

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