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Selecting and merging of images

Many applications of graphics can be combined into a file of one or more separate images. Direction and the location of each image can be controlled.

In selecting raster image is not rectangular, it needs to separate the edge from the background, but also silhouetting known. This is a cut out digital versions of the image. Clipping paths can be used to increase the profile images, vector graphics or page layout files, vector data retention. Alpha synthesis, allowing the image in the choice of soft translucent edges. There are many ways, including the selection of a sample similar to the outline of the background color of the image or the soft side of the number of images, select the grating track, or converted to clip the edge of the path select Raster. Once the image selection, it can be copied to another part of the same document, or into a separate file in the paste. In the choice may also be stored in the so-called alpha channel are well known.

Is a digital image editing software, most recently the image slicing tools. Image Part graphical user interface or web pages is easy to slice, mark and save separately, so that the whole image could be developed by a separate display of the media. This is very useful, so that dynamic exchange or through the interactive animation in the final part of the image.

A popular way to create such an integrated image is a transparent layer. Background image for the bottom, and with some of the images is to be placed in the top layer. The use of the image layer mask, in addition to partially merge from the hidden layer, so that these areas have been added to the impression that the background layer. In this way the implementation of a merger of the two levels to retain all the pixel data to make it easier for the new image after the merger, the future changes.


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