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How to do Photoshop Scrapbooking

By learning how to do Photoshop scrapbook, you can generate your friend's scrapbook can only dream of type. As the technology driving it is no surprise that scrapbooking process is shutting down the page to the computer. The Photoshop collage of digital enthusiasts are becoming flatter those trends. Let's take a look at how to use this advantage, the new source of entertainment.

In the Tools panel, this type of tool is a big T, you must choose to type it. In the new black layer, type the text. When you are filled with your choice, the check mark click the Options bar text box. Next, open the Layers panel. You will see three levels, including text layer, the black layer and image layer. Now is the time to build a layer mask, placed in the text layer. Click to highlight the big T on behalf of layer, and then select the layer mask of the following options. Now is the time to copy and paste it into the newly created layers of visual image. To copy the image to maintain its cursor, and select press Ctrl + dirty on the keyboard. In selecting a new layer, press Ctrl + V to paste. Withdrawal after the Layers panel, as the text will see superimposed images.

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