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Scrapblog Adds More Photo-Editing Tools

Scrapblog, the online scrapbook-making tool, has smartly added more detailed photo-editing tools to its service. The first set of new photo-editing tools is for cropping images. There’s a freehand cropping tool, an alternative eraser option, and additional basic cropping tools for fast results.

If you’ve ever done scrapbooking, offline or online, you can understand the importance of cropping photos. Scissors are your best friends, and can make or break a scrapbook. Converting this into an online experience is pretty important for Scrapblog, especially as more social networks and web-based media-sharing tools layer in integrated photo-editing tools as well.

Scrapblog, which has been among the more prominent web-based scrapbooking services, received funding late last year, and is facing an increasing amount of competition from other multimedia scrapbooking tools like PanRaven, collaborative methods such as Kaltura, and enhanced photo-sharing sites like Shutterfly, which are adding more ways to modify and utilize consumer photos.

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Scrapblog Adds More Photo-Editing Tools