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Pos Free Photo Editor 1.22
Pos Free Photo Editor is a professional photographer, author of ranking Photo Editor free photo editor. The software is very simple, user-friendly picture editor that allows you to easily view, enhance and add pictures. Photo editor supports the major graphic formats, very intuitive work without any "headaches" - It is specially designed for novice design of short-term learning curve.

Graphic Grub editor
It is a systematic tool to view and edit the GRUB boot loader. It offers many features, it is the works of those who want to change the GRUB is not the perfect solution for messing with GRUB's configuration file.

Free Photo Editor 3.32
Photo and image editing software is specially designed for editing your photos, photos. Photo Editor is a very fast and powerful photo editing software, Windows operating system. With the intuitive and beautiful graphical user interface, a great collection of drawing tools, easy to use photo correction tools Photo Editor is a good tool for Windows users, who put on? T quite need Photoshop and other expenssive tools.
With Photo Editor, you can retouch or edit your pictures and photos, change the colores of the picture or just a simple picture editing and photographic adjustment of color pictures of the same black and white, so your picture fuzzy or shiny, picture cropping, image size, add text, pictures and more.

Image Broadway 5.0
Easy to use graphical tools at your fingertips

Image Broadway lets you create and edit like a pro in just a few minutes graphic image of the special effects. From simple tasks to advanced image editing capabilities, Image Broadway does not have everything, and no good. It provides the most advanced digital image processing technology state, a user-friendly interface for the next hidden.

Image Broadway features include a great image of all the elements, editing, color correction, replication and repair, powerful text effects, geometric and free-hand lasso area selection, precision move, bump mapping, texture painting, RGB color separation, within the placed in the special effects filters, layer support, unlimited undo function, the list of folders and files with fast switching customize the size of thumbnails to view, toolbars can be docked, and lots more.

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