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How to retouch a photo

About How to do Photo Retouching and Repairing

The basic knowledge you need to know about retouch a photo.

 Retouching & Repairing
  • Lesson 1 : Dust & Scratch Removal
    Use the Healing Brush, Dust & Scratches filter and Levels command to rid an image of unwanted problems and artifacts.
  • Lesson 2 : Sky Replacing & Manufacturing
    Use Channels to help isolate and replace the sky and add life to an otherwise dull image.
  • Lesson 3 : Tonal Rescue
    Bring a one-of-a-kind photo back from the dead using Levels, the Channel Mixer, Filters and Blend modes.
  • Lesson 4 : Color Resuscitation
    Achieve the best possible mix of corrected color and contrast - in a severely compromised photograph.
  • Lesson 5 : Photo Repair & Restoration
    Use the full arsenal of Photoshop tools to repair and restore an abused antique photograpy
  • People & Portraits I
  • Lesson 6 : Unifying Skin Color and Tone
    Use Hue/Saturation and the power of its Edit menu to quickly unify skin tone - whether freckles, acne, or the occasional sunburn.
  • Lesson 7 : Controlling Blemishes & Wrinkles
    Reduce and eliminate wrinkles, blemishes and other age-related features to help someone look their best.
  • Lesson 8 : Pore & Skin Softening
    Make subtle changes to smooth out skin and reduce the appearance of pores.
  • Lesson 9 : Skin Conditioning & Shaving
    Quickly "condition” weathered or aged skin, and shave away 5 o'clock shadow.
  • Lesson 10 : Skin Smoothing for a Porcelain Glow
    Focus attention and remove distracting details with blend modes, the Blend If sliders and the Lens Blur filter.

  • Lesson 11 : Body Reshaping
    Use the Liquify Filter to tame those trouble spots that plague not only models, but also the best of us.
  • Lesson 12 : Eye & Teeth Tweaking
    Use Blend Modes and Brushes to neutralize and brighten eyes and teeth.
  • Lesson 13 : Feature Enhancing
    Perform exstensive portrait enhancing using a combination of previously covered techniques.
  • Lesson 14 : HTW Photo Presets
    See demonstartions of the power of Photoshop Presets; specifically the How to Wow Photography Presets.
  • Lesson 15 : Bonus - Body Part Swapping
    Cover distracting elements and perform an instant hair transplant by integrating multiple photos.
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