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Resize a image in ACDSee

Resizing an image in ACDSee

Resizing an image

You can resize an image by adjusting its dimensions in pixels, percentage, or actual/print size. While resizing, you can also choose an aspect ratio and a resampling filter to adjust the resized image's appearance. You can save your options as a preset for future use.

To resize an image:

  1. In Edit Mode, on the Edit Panel, click Resize.

  2. Select one of the following resize options:

  3. Pixels: resizes the image to specific dimensions in pixels.

  4. Percent: resizes the image to a percentage of the original.

  5. Actual/Print size in: resizes the image to match a specific output size. Click the drop-down list to specify a unit of measurement.

  1. If you want to maintain a specific width to height ratio, select the Preserve aspect ratio check box, and then select one of the following options from the drop-down list:

  2. Original: maintains the original image's width to height ratio.

  3. 1 x 1: forces the width and height to be equal.

  4. 2 x 3: forces a width to height ratio of 2:3.

  5. 3 x 2: forces a width to height ratio of 3:2.

  6. 3 x 5: forces a width to height ratio of 3:5.

  7. 5 x 3 forces a width to height ratio of 5:3.

  8. Custom: applies a custom ratio. Enter a width to height ratio in the Custom Aspect Ratio dialog box.

  1. Select a resample filter from the Filter drop-down list.

  2. Under the resize option you selected in step #2, type the image's new dimensions into the Width and Height spin boxes. If you selected Actual/Print size in, click the Resolution drop-down list, and then select a resolution (in dots per inch) for your output image.

  3. To estimate the size of the output image, click Estimate new file size.

  4. Do one of the following:

  5. Click Done to apply your changes and close the Resize tool.

  6. Click Cancel to discard all changes and close the tool.

Resizing tips:

Maintain image quality by reducing images only by 33%, 50%, or 66%. Other percentages can distort the aspect ratio.

Avoid resizing an image repeatedly. Each resizing places image pixels using a slightly different orientation. As a result, multiple resizes can change the overall color and appearance of the image. If your first resize attempt does not produce the desired result, click the Undo button.

Avoid increasing the size of an image. Increasing image size makes the image's pixels more apparent, causing a grainy effect.

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