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Wedding photos background skill

Cutout is the so-called from a picture will come out a certain part of the interception, and another synthetic background. Do not look down upon this work, our lives have a lot of image products after such processing, such as advertising and so, designers will need to pull out some figures, and then synthesized and background. In fact, Cutout in your life has great development potentials, especially with digital cameras, scanners and other devices, more and more people are willing to start their own photos of the hands of a wide range of "special treatment", such as their own to pull the body out of the background on the other, the lovers Cutout single photo after photo with their double according to Synthesis, and so on Cutout needed. Strongly recommended "to the end of the digital image Cutout law."

Today, we introduce Cutout wedding, wedding photos because of the transparent material???texture to the background, albeit not very clearly shown, in addition to Cutout, more importantly, is the background behind the wedding handling skills.


Dig out after

1 pen tool in Photoshop with the cutout figure.

2 Copy and paste characters to pay under the two-storey building a layer of its surface in order to observe the adjustment of color filling.

3 will be the most top-level one hidden layer, the cutout figure of a person's layers 1 to Gaussian blur.

4 definition of a snapshot of history.

5 with the history brush pen in addition to the grass.

Six pairs of images to add diversicolor, so that wedding is textured in appearance.

7 be replaced by color models.

8 shows the top level, and add mask.

9 in the mask will remove part of his wedding, under a transparent layer.

10 with a seal cover of grass to repair clothes.

11 Cutout completed.

12 put on the background you like to complete.

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