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Preloadr ?C Free Photo Editing for Flickr

Preloadr is a neat little tool that offers free photo editing for Flickr (Flickr). You just log in to Flickr and give Preloadr permission to access your account – you can then choose an image to crop, rotate or flip. You can also adjust the zoom level, scale your image and add text. The drop-down menus provide yet more options: blur, sharpen, contrast, color correction, graduation curve, auto-contrast, grayscale, inverse, swirl and granulation. If you’re a Flickr Pro user, you can then save your modified image and replace the old one – if you’ve got a free account, Preloadr will upload the edited file as a new image.

It’s a decent application – not as fully featured as desktop apps, but it would probably suffice for small tasks. It’s also worth noting that Preloadr hasn’t been coded from scratch – it appears to be a customized version of NexImage, a DHTML image editor. Similar services include PXN8, Snipshot (formerly Pixoh) and Picture2Life – the advantage of these tools is that they’re not Flickr specific.

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Preloadr ?C Free Photo Editing for Flickr

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