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Microsoft Picture It! Premium 10

English name: Microsoft Picture It! Premium 10.0
Version: Microsoft produce the best photo editing software
Issue Time: 2004
Producers and Distributors: Microsoft (Microsoft)
Region: United States
Language: English
Microsoft Picture It! Premium 10.0

Microsoft Picture It! Premium 10 is the photo editing software, which allows the customers and communities SOHO (small office, home office) computer users easily in the amendment and modification of photos, and to have a professional photo output, including cards, art together stickers, calendars, photo albums, flyers, and so on.

Easy to use: no need for professional design. Wizard and intelligent tools to allow beginners and advanced users can immediately creative.

Professional Output: the establishment of high-quality photo greeting cards, magazine covers, sports exchange cards, business cards, leaflets, collage and so on, and you expect to receive from the photo processing of high-resolution results.

Smart work: automatically remove red-eye in photos, scratches, dust, or objects is confusing.

Content reference CD ROM: set in the template about the background of more than 10,000 photos and clip design, as well as a snapshot of 300,000, more than 20,000 project templates. Space arrangements and accurate guidance: Guidance can more easily align the object collage.

Copy: Copy the removal tool can be easily confused background objects, such as telephone lines, cars or strangers.

Special effects: to make pictures into black and white photographs, old photos into the new photos, painted, distorted, and increased color text, or photos as a canvas or watercolor impressionist tool.

Interesting exchange of the template body: your head on the body interesting. Template provided.

Drag and drop: You can drag and drop the photo to Microsoft Word or Publisher, and then continue to edit the photo paper.

Step by step with the wizard: Design templates and step by step the wizard will automatically set up procedures to deal with, and create a custom card or to collect a few simple steps. Smart correction tools can be difficult to automate the editing work.

Professional output quality: Using Picture It features high-quality photo greeting cards, album pages, cards, calendars, magazine covers, sports exchange cards, certificates, scrapbooks, flyers, etc. collage.

Effective and interesting editorial: the use of Picture It!, Can play a professional image-editing application features and performance. The use of distortion characteristics, will enable the more interesting photos and create amazing photos and even remove wrinkles.


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