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Web designers photo toolbox: PicPick 2

Third, the use of image editor

PicPick built an image editor, the default settings, the screenshot of the picture after the output in the image editor in Figure 6.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick (2)
Figure 6 PicPick image editor

Editing features provided by the relatively simple, basic and systems bring their own "drawing" procedure is similar. However, PicPick to provide the "effects" tools, you can run anti-color, grayscale, pixel painting, fuzzy, sharpening and other options; support brightness / contrast, hue / saturation adjustment, in Figure 7.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick (2)
Figure 7 PicPick hue / saturation adjustment
This image editor PicPick is equivalent in effect, the main window, software, all functions can be called here.

Fourth, the design aids

PicPick provides a number of design aids, following a brief us.

1, check color browser

Can get accurate color on the screen to pick up any color, this is a website for designers, programmers are very useful small features, in Figure 8.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick (2)
Figure 8 PicPick color check device

Color easily check the operation provides a magnifying glass mode, press the mouse after clicking "Print Screen" key to determine. Optional output color format: Support for HTML, RGB, C + +, Delphi format. In addition, the "color of history" function, you can repeatedly call history, very convenient.

2, scale

Can provide an accurate benchmark for mobile location in support of setting the direction, regulation and transparency of the length scale, you may need in any place used for the accurate measurement of it, in Figure 9.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick (2)
Figure 9 PicPick ruler

3, whiteboard

Whiteboard tools let you paint directly on the screen, use the arrow tool to add comment box, painting the focus, and the final picture can be directly output, Figure 10.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick (2)
Figure 10 PicPick whiteboard tools

In addition, the magnifying glass, polar coordinates, direct the use of tools such as the coordinates are very convenient, you can try one by one.


PicPick compact size, it provides a super-functional and more, whether it is the interception of picture or post-processing, can be relaxed in one step. In addition the new system for PicPick is optimized, if you shot the other hand tools in the Vista / Windows 7 is not a very good work, it may wish to try alternatives Let this PicPick, it features a strong, free of charge allows the characteristics of a certain your satisfaction.

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