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Use Picasa to edit your pictures

* The gray sky into the perfect content for the sky photo.

     * Amendments to the basic amendment is repeated, and then better.
       Picasa's Basic Fixes are buttons to use, quickly and easily complete these tasks: to reduce, eliminate red-eye, contrast and color, as well as amendments to enhance your digital photo effects.
     * So that the effect of the normal picture into a stunning work of art.
       Picasa you will see the 12 new visual effects of how a few seconds (rather than a few hours) the effect of changes in your photos. Become brown, warming to a popular color photos, or use a simple black and white. Try to use a simple click or can be fine-tuning of the slider, in the place you need to adjust more easily. Of course, in the process, you can modify at any step to withdraw.
     * Add the title of non-mainstream pictures.
       Picasa using the IPTC standard, that is, the way journalists to add the title to add the title. This means that you add the title stored in the picture, whether you are exporting the image as a page, or the production of CD presentations, the title and the picture will be saved. Picasa can fully edit the title and search, and you can also choose whether to display the title.
     * Zoom. Translation. Tilt. To obtain the perspective you need.
       You do not get a good photo? With Picasa, it will not be the final result. Near the point, a little attention to the left. Camera make your poor quality photos? What is the relationship? Anyway In any case, your photo will be perfect.
     * Know how to use the manual mode camera?
       Photo enthusiasts can now use Picasa's EXIF display function to fine-tune their photos. This window will show you the original documents stored in the picture all the camera data, such as camera model, shooting date, or even used flash. EXIF display also has a real-time RGB histogram, a graphical display of color image intensity, as well as to carry out your changes in Picasa color changes.

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Use Picasa to edit your pictures

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