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How PhotoRazor Photo Resizing Software Works

Step One: Select the Photos. To do this, locate the folder containing the photos to be resized by clicking the 'Choose Folder' button at the top of the left hand column. This opens the usual directory tree on the user's computer. Click on the folder containing the photos and click 'open'. The photos will be imported into PhotoRazor, and will be visible in the right-hand column.

Step Two: Size and Quality. Making a choice of the finished size and quality for the compressed photos couldn't be easier. There are two sliders to determine this: one is "Maximum Height and Width"; the other is 'Picture Quality'. By moving the sliders, the user can see how the finished picture will look (exact size and quality). The width/height is determined by the longest side of the photo.

At the top of the screen, the file size of the photo is shown as the sliders are moved. This is really handy when resizing a photo, say, for a social networking site that has photo file size limits. When the user is satisfied with the appearance of the reduced photos, it's time for the final step.

Step Three: Resize and Save the Photos. At this step it's possible to either resize all photos in the folder (known as a batch resize) or to just resize and save selected photos (by pressing the CTRL key and clicking on the images required). The photos will be saved in a subfolder entitled 'small_photos' inside the original photo folder. The original photos remain untouched.

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