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Optimize a Picture with minimum effort
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You've probably had this experience more than once:
You're enjoying a breathtaking panorama. You take out your camera in the bright sunlight and snap the shot thinking “this one is going to be really good”.

Non-optimized pictures usually look like this:
The bright blue sky looks grey, the green vegetation boring and it seems as if some kind of mist has spread over the picture.

The optimized result:
Doesn't that look more like the panorama you saw with your own eyes? The mist is removed, the colors are like you remember without looking artificial and the picture is more likely to make your friends say "wow".


Easy solution:
This is the perfect task for the PhotoPerfect built-in Xe847 Automatic Image Optimization Technology:
Load the image, hit “X” on your keyboard, click “Execute” with your mouse and voilà.
That's really all you need to do and learn to improve your photos!

Now just move your mouse over the "Before" or "After" tab above to toggle between the original and the optimized picture.

Easy Batch Processing
Imagine you have just returned from a great vacation and hundreds of pictures on your memory card. Do you have the time to individually optimize every single photo? Usually not! But thanks to PhotoPerfect applying the Xe847 Auto-Optimization to a complete directory full of pictures is also super easy:

 Select the respective directory on your computer in PhotoPerfect and click with the right mouse button on the first image shown on the left bar. Choose "Select All"

Click on "Batch Processing" and double-click on the script "Batch_Optimize_Xe847"

You will be requested to choose a target path for the optimized pictures. Click "OK" and enjoy having hundreds of pictures optimized with minimum effort.

The optimized pictures will be saved to the target directory and will have -Xe847 attached to their file names to make them easily identifiable.

A process that normally would have taken you many hours or even days has been accomplished within a few minutes! Isn't that what good software should be doing? Saving you valuable time.

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