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Photo editing software - Photocap

Many people have been developed by users that is currently the best and most intimate batch tool for digital photos. With commonly used for digital camera users to increase the date, add text, add borders, add EXIF data, change the file name so powerful batch processing functions.
The main features are:
1. Can be a batch operation.
2. Can add files to the date of the picture.
3. May be the file name and photo exif information (such as ISO, shutter, aperture, etc.) to fight on in the photo.
4. We can get more additional words to do their own signature on documents and notes text.
5. Additional pictures can be added to do their own signature on file.
6. Photos can be added the general frame (frame size can be custom) and a special frame (as long as you know how to use graphics software).
7. With position and font, color, size, transparency, shadow can be changed.
8. All the settings, the operation and the signature files, signature files are automatically saved.
9. Photo-quality output can be self (set compression ratio and DPI settings).
10. Photo file can be automatically changed its name to the date of the document text.
11. Photo output size can be changed to meet the ratio of the size of photos (to avoid washing when the photo was cut).
12. Photos can be output to the size of self, such as the archive into a 1800x1200 output 640x480.
13. The photos can be dealt with straight (straight length and width ratio is the ratio of the length and width of a photo or horizontal photo but says straight).
14. Can display JPEG's EXIF information (including support for Canon / Casio etc. MakerNote specific information).
15. Of text and graphics objects, you can drag it directly to the location you want.
16. Can output full-screen to simulation results, an automatic timer and a player.
17. Image processing functions, including level adjustment, remove red eye, remove noise, change the color images in black and white images, blur images, enhanced video capabilities.
18. Powerful batch function to change the file name.
19. Ad hoc processing mode, allows you to easily output your photos to deal with.
New features:
1. Calendar object to strengthen
In addition to increasing the Chinese, the calendar object a total of 5 different types of text can be set, including the (month text / weeks text / Japanese text / Lunar Text / additional text), all characters have an independent, border, position, color, font can be set. Calendar object can have three different styles of display Oh, which are used in the standard mode, as well as horizontal and vertical display.
2. To enhance the loading and storage of all window interface
Including the image object / template load / frame object / material / small images to load windows, and load photos / Save images / add-item / store item / store Template window, all windows have the same mode of operation At the same time, with the mode of operation are the same as Windows Explorer (including the name and hotkey), the operation, including copy / paste / cut / delete / move / change the name / add folder, etc., which is mainly to strengthen the response to the more more files to the new version of the object with the template interface to load classification and management needs to be done, the new interface in addition to the above-mentioned operation, but also can let you into the action so easy to import from other folder. If good enough, you can directly call the operating system of Windows Explorer, and advanced management.
3. Frame the master function to further strengthen
With paragraph 2, the import of management functions, plus the master frame by frame feature proposed
4. Image object properties to increase control while Sophie is now the object image can also directly set the soft side and soft side of the edge of the image allows a more compliant with the synthetic base.
5. Batch change image size and format-specific frame features PhotoCap file (PCF) option, you can batch will be 32 with a transparent area PCF into PNG file format.
6. Increase plant functional materials, this feature can be arranged to facilitate the production of your material Oh, the level of material can also be produced or vertical mirror mirror.
7. EXIF increase in GPS information display object, in addition to the original photo information, if you have a GPS camera function that lets you show the coordinates and orientation.
8. Increase the photos Target
Photographs of the object with the object is very similar images, saved as a template will not be the same as the target image, the photo onto the template inside to avoid spreading out your photos, other photos can also be added directly in the frame above. (including 1. Figure 2 surface frame. shielding frame 3. program frame), very convenient to do more than your first time editing photos, not the individual photos together with the first frame and then to edit the archive. Save as template as long as after the user object is loaded in the photo you want to complete the design. Recommend the use of pictorial images of small objects, photos, photo objects proposed.
9. Object menu to add two functions in
Change image: can be a large number of (or a) change the image or photo (my main object is to facilitate the use of photos)
The exchange of images: You can specify the target of the two image exchange, the main function is to facilitate use of the image change, because a large number of images may change the location of the order, not what we want, this feature can exchange images, no moving objects, or again contained in the replacement of more images, can save time and manpower.
10. Edit menu add "edit paste as new" function (shortcut for Ctrl + Shift + V)
Sometimes we are often in other software to copy a video, in PhotoCap paste, it will be a video object, even if the size of opening a new editor with the image the same size, the object is still affixed to the need to edit it with this object Layer the bottom of the merger. This feature can help you open the image editor will let you directly modify this image
11. The main function of the image size increases, "all the objects together with the adjustment layer" function
Often we need, together with the object loaded with the size of photos together to make adjustments, image adjustment layer only 3.11, the target layer can not be adjusted in accordance with the new can now help you to adjust the size of the ratio of object size, to facilitate regular. For example, I add a photo to help text, photos, text object will be smaller in accordance with the new photo automatically size, so the location and size of the adjustment
Note: When there are any adjustments to the size of some objects, the new proposal with the old image size image size, aspect ratio have the same relationship exists.

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