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PhotoCap digital photo editing software

The software is a province of China TW written by software engineers, after several upgrades now has basically been based on mature, in a familiar friend that is a streamlined version of photoshop Oh! But also relatively simple operation.
Now I have been using the results very good, I hope you can help ~

PhotoCap digital photo editing software
PhotoCap is the best digital photos to help, but also 100% free software, who cited the elimination of red-eye to black spot, to scar, to shine, to beautify the skin, exposure to adjust brightness, color cast the issue of the amendment to eliminate the phenomenon of???... common defects and so on is easy PhotoCap. In addition to the issue of saving photos, but also allows you a more substantial photo, you can add text, small images, frame, calendar, dialog and so interesting common applications.

PhotoCap equivalent to the initial level of PhotoShop, therefore most of the basic functions of PhotoShop has, including scraping the necessary professional imaging software selection, imaging features, filters, layers, there are unique features of the object can be said to be fully functional and easy easy to use software. PhotoCap also provide a simple powerful features to the back, you can easily remove the background so that you perfect image synthesis.

Special function groups:
1. Frame master: the most simple and most intuitive way to quickly add photos to your frame images, frame can be done in this classification management.
2. Puzzle Factory: convenience allows you to create the function of puzzle
3. Material Factory: convenience allows you to create functional materials
Batch function group:
1. Batch photo editing functions: to add photos to your shooting date, text, logo, frame, dialog and other commonly used functions.
2. Batch big according to function: allows you to create big photos, which include specifications for the new license. According to more than the bulk model can also load a few photos on a few people waiting.
3. Batch thumbnail page feature: You can have a photo thumbnail index page, you can easily specify the number of sheets of a synthesis of photos, such as washing four photos 4X6 ?? Zhang wash costs savings.
4. Batch function to change the file name: allows you to get a file name, file name the date for taking pictures, files, date, serial number and so on.
5. Batch change the date of function: allows you to change the date of photos, so you can take pictures the date of the wrong remedy problems, but also modify the file date of support.
6. Batch change image format functions: all the images into the format you want, such as 1000's JPEG file into GIF file format changed to change the image size at the same time.
7. Batch image printing functions: allows you to print all the time you load the image, you can print leaflets, you can print more than one.

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