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Photoshop photo filter water effect

The production of this tutorial very creative. Author clever as the characters deal with the effects of water do. General line of thought: first the overall color tone to the photos, and then separated from the characters and the clothes, and then use some filter effects to deal with people as part of the photo effect of the liquid. Finally, some drops of water material produced divergent photo results.

1, open the image material, to use pen editing tool to hook people up, by Ctrl + Enter the path to electoral districts, according to figures Ctrl + J to copy to a new layer.

2, by Ctrl + M to adjust the curve of the cutout figures, parameter settings are as follows Fig.

3, create a new layer, fill color: # 0A6A60.
4, the character skin to the first half of the head to pull it out, copy to a new image layer.
5, the prospect of an emerald green color is set to the background set to white, select the menu: Image> adjustments> gradient map. Regulation that there is light monochrome image contrast.
6, select the menu: Filter> Artistic Effects> plastic packaging, data needs to be done in accordance with individual adjustment, it should be noted that this step is mainly the photo effect of extraction of water part of the high-light, so is the mapping of water so you can imagine who face a high degree of optical density and to regulate the evacuation, according to the characteristics of water, the characters eyes to receive the information that only the most high-light and dark parts, the other part is transparent.
7, select Layer 3 copy by Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ~ constituencies out of high light, and then Ctrl + Alt + Shift mouse click copy layer 3, so that people outside the constituency to cut, and then fill the new image layer with white
8, hold down the Ctrl key click on layer 4 into the constituency, according to Ctrl + Shift + I the anti-election, according to Delete to delete, delete a few more clean point.

Photoshop elaborate water women do

9, the layer 4 to a constituency, a copy of the selected layer 3, point Mask button (which can be adjusted to hide away the dark layer). Then brush the figure on the extra high light wipe, 3 copies of the same layer mask has also set up to erase the extra high light.

10, layer 3 is set to "feature-stacked at the end of" the establishment of a Mask Layer clothing to reservations, in accordance with Ctrl + B to transfer the clothes into a green, look for the picture collage of the water up. Water can go online to find material.

11, it is best to find the water black background material, if it is white or other colors of the water background material, can reduce or reverse the saturation of the background become black, layer properties will be set to filter out the black shield , leaving only the transparency of the water white, collage, when the direction of the water depends on the location to find a suitable collage up, it is necessary to take advantage of the water masks the root location between the characters deal with it properly.

12, the final deal with the background color to complete the final results.

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