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How to create a photo slideshow

Copied from a Photo design forum regarding photo editing. Good for study customers' requirements.

I saw some requests in the Photo editing Forums asking how to create a slide with more than one photo on it. While this is not possible with Photo Story alone, it can be done with Photo and Image editors.

Some of those editors include:

    * Microsoft Digital Image Suite
    * Adobe Photoshop
    * Jasc Paint Shop Pro

You may choose one of them do fulfill your tasks.

Besides, I recommend 5DFly photo design due to its simply photo editing and automatic photo design engine with lots of photo templates.

Steve Mac

Then, Do I need to install all the software you mendtioned? Lucy

I think 5DFly photo design and editing is enough, but it's not free. Tracy

Yes, Other free software just provide the function of slideshow and not integrated so good. Besides, photo templates without much editing is very suitable for the beginners without photoshop skill.


Good enough.



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How to create a photo slideshow