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Create photo collage in Photoshop

By the many colorful picture collage into the effects of a very strong effect of the decorative designs, the following Photoshop us in a fight make it easy to create a simple method of mapping. Only time in the final collage of the same picture if able to re-adjust the location of the effect will be even better.

1, in the new document in Photoshop, custom sizes. I set up the following chart:

2, filter - the style of - collage

3, if you feel the gap between the box is not suitable, you can use filters - other - to adjust the minimum, I have here is 1.

4, with a small selection box, hook to "continuous" option.

5, open a picture, the entire election, copy.

6, Back to the maximum, Executive Editor - paste into the command, then it may be mobile tools mobile pictures, pictures you want displayed, as it marked the place.

7, repeat the above steps, you can fill the entire region.

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