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Use Picasa to organize your pictures

Picasa is a photo-processing software (non-mainstream image-processing software), it will immediately find and organize all your pictures on your computer.
       You have forgotten to find non-mainstream pictures.
       When you view the computer, scanning pictures, Picasa will organize entire photo album and all the pictures in accordance with the date to be automatically sorted.
     * Removed from Picasa and rename photos.
       Those who want to clean up messy folders and transfer of the computer's hard disk image? Picasa will only pictures folder drag and drop from one folder to another can be. After you have carefully examined, Picasa will your changes become permanent changes. Photo 671056398a.jpg want to change the file name in Picasa, just a few seconds to complete a picture or a group of images be renamed.
     * Add labels.
       With "album" set to tag your photos in Picasa with their rapid division. You can easily see and share in the album under the sub-groups according to

    Film - you can use the form of slide and film shows, these photos can also e-mail sent to friends.

     * Add the stars.
       To your favorite photos to add Venus: one can recognize your favorite pictures. Picasa even has a star search function, can be within 1 second of the photos to find out who set a good add in a good photo.
     * Save in multiple albums and a picture.
       Picasa to tag each photo you have to create "case diagram" instead of space occupied by the computer, so you can put a picture with a number of albums.
     * Password-protected photo album.
       Are there any exclusive photos you want to own? You can give a Picasa photo album to add a password (this will not affect you and others in your computer's hard drive to see the picture).

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Use Picasa to organize your pictures

Use Picasa to edit your pictures

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