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Deep impression left is a traditional desktop image editor normally have, but the online editor's function is also very small. Only this Splashup editor lets you select a certain part of the image, use it only for effect; It uses a similar approach to the realization of Photoshop layers, so that you can stack several images to a file, and then for each map the effect of the use of different layers. (It uses its own file format, as image after the re-opened, you can edit layers and elements). Can also open multiple photos at the same time; to open a photograph prior to the next before having to save a photo.

Too bad, it did not specify the document. Help (help) menu in the Launch Help (Start to help) this is always gray. Although the service is quite advanced in some respects, but I hope a few clicks of the mouse can be enriched for photos of people, the lack of a wealth of tools: it provides the special effects much less than most competitors; there is nothing I can add Border or Clip-Art. I also miss the many FotoFlexer and Picnik beautiful fonts; Splashup only 12 kinds of fonts (very common); maximum only 72 points, which is small for high-resolution photos. Support the functions of photo-sharing site is also poor - it links to three photo-sharing site, Picnik and FotoFlexer and have links to eight.

Splashup speed than some competitors, and more and more problems. Flickr photo book commissioned images appear slowly, sometimes not open.

Splashup developer said that the new version in development. But now, unless you are obsessed with Photoshop style fanaticism, otherwise FotoFlexer and Picnik is the better choice.


The effect of number of species: 13 species

Text: There are

Border: None

Layer: A

Full-screen mode: Yes

Print Support: No

To support the photo-sharing sites: Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.

Conclusion: The abnormal and similar to Photoshop, including layer support, but not as good as the best ease of use, and less stunning effect.


Advantages: a large number of photos have modified functions and good things, such as fonts and Clip-Art.

Disadvantages: Interface as a maze; some functional operation can not be revoked.

Like the beautiful pictures of it? FlauntR is truly the master of photo processing, it provides many effects, fonts, Clip-Art, Borders and other tools. It can be generated slides, and image processing into a virtual embodiment of a social network or mobile phone wallpaper. Paintings can use the color of the program to their images, the production of greeting cards, photos and even do their own fake magazine cover.

However, the use of so powerful is not an easy task. FlauntR many features hidden applet in six of them, these procedures include StylR, EditR and TextR; What are the functions which the procedure is not always obvious; in the Jump back and forth between the applet also needs a few seconds. Undo (Repeal) sometimes appear inside the button disappear, depending on what program you use. Used to adjust the controls on the effect of a very small window, and sometimes a very careful look to see the effects of Particular of all the options.

Another drawback is that, FlauntR can only be used on Windows personal computers. I tried all the other services on personal computers and the Mac can be used, have been outstanding in respect of such applications.

Although nothing like FlauntR as Picture2Life frustrating, but the lack of FotoFlexer, Photoshop Express and Picnik the kind of elegant and efficient. FlauntR at least not yet ready for prime time: Although it is early on in the debut in 2007, and is still known as the first beta.


The effect of number of species: 33 species

Text: There are

Border: Yes

Layer: none

Full-screen mode: Yes

Print Support: No

To support the photo-sharing sites: Bebo, Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.

Conclusion: with many innovative features, but complex and slow to use interface makes people tired FlauntR.


Advantages: feature-rich, including collage, slide and photo-sharing.

Disadvantages: poor user interface; slow.

Picture2life I beta tested and found that this is a very good application, but the fly in the ointment is that the user interface to worry about confusing.

The good news is, Picture2Life feature-rich, have introduced here the editor of several of the most abundant special effects. Unique collage tool lets you to insert several photos into ready-made or custom templates. With Photoshop Express, it is also used to store, organize and share photos of some built-in tools. I like to use a photograph of a series of effects (such as crop, add borders and add a dark brown) with the functions of preservation, and then click the mouse, you can use other pictures.

However Picture2Life into the Flickr interface is confusing, so I obviously successful import, but also that no success. It is also here unless you only use the results will not be shown in the photos look like the effect of the service (but in any case, be easily removed). An eye-catching button lets you view full-size photos, but did not reduce or enlarge photos for screen control. In edit mode, the online help link missing. I clicked on the seemingly useful to Learn More (learn more) button, but nothing happened. (Picture2Life developer told me that they solve these problems in the development, improve the interface version.)

FotoFlexer as with, Picture2Life high-resolution photos will automatically reduce the resolution, this step to speed up the image processing. You can change the function, but can only change to 1600 x 1200 pixels. However, I bother to use it, because other services Picture2Life comparable to most of the features and did not have any trouble.

Would like to edit photos on your desktop for free, you can use Paint.Net

Today, the best online photo editor at the emergency response to provide an easy way. However, advanced processing on the image, the desktop applications are still provided a higher functionality, flexibility and speed, some of them even free of charge.

Google Picasa 2 easy to use, but lacks features. While the GIMP provides a similar function of Photoshop, but the user interface design seems to be the Martian. Next will be the number of the best free image editor: Paint.Net.

As a result of the Photoshop interface modeled on the style, take some time to ease, but it provides a line editor unmatched accuracy. It can open multiple images at the same time, support for layers, but also its more than 30 kinds of effects in any of the images to use as a part of. It can handle almost any resolution of the image, provides a comprehensive printing options. Through free third-party plug-ins to add features.

Clip-Art Paint.Net does not include or border; not integrated with the photo-sharing sites, nor similar to such organizations as the Photoshop Elements tools. But if you need to address the Web service is unable to meet the mandate, the very fine free tool is extremely easy.


The effect of number of species: 33 species

Text: There are

Border: Yes

Layer: none

Full-screen mode: No

Print Support: No

To support the photo-sharing site: 23, Facebook, Flickr and Webshots.

Conclusion: The large number of results and several noteworthy features of the user experience will not make up for the shortcomings of abysmal.

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