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Distortion tools offer more than a dozen of twirls, waves of change more, rotate, mirror, oval-shaped, and even fish-eye effect. The use of three linear filters blur the image, create three-dimensional expansion and enhanced images. Support for Adobe's Photoshop-compatible filters and includes many pre-installed plug-in plug-ins. Installation contains animated tutorials.

Photobie 6 is the latest version, which combines the functions of all Photobie Design Studio. Photobie 6 requires the. NET Framework for Windows XP (Service Pack 2 already included. NET Framework 2. Windows Vista there. NET Framework 2 and 3 are also included). Photobie 6 also has 3D capabilities, but only when enabled. NET Framework 3 has been installed on Windows XP (Vista already have it).

Therefore, Photobie 6 and later versions will be made public. The Photobie Design Studio, it is good or bad a package, which contains Photobie software, plus the pre-designed projects (photo templates, calendars, brush / mask / Texture / background image). Photobie Design Studio will only be available to Photobie Club members.

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