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Make a personalized calendar

Many businesses launch calendar "DIY" business, with consumers create personalized photo calendars, desk calendar.

The reporter noticed that this character make the price more expensive, a minimum 70 yuan of money.

Not just a wholesale store to offer this personalized production, the reporter visited the market, found that many of Shenyang printing shops are also providing services to create personalized calendar. , Shen He District, a printing shop owners, Jin-Chun Yu-presentations, with this calendar depending on the number of pages, size specifications, prices ranging from 50-80 yuan. "Consumers only have to provide clear digital photos, choose a good production of specifications, such as 8-inch or 9-inch calendar, we will create a calendar of consumer satisfaction." Jinchun Yu introduction, baby calendar, family picture calendar more popular, couples, couples Love calendar has also been welcomed by many young people, 20 yuan a single edition of the annual calendar is also very popular consumer favorite photos.

Consumers Xiao Xu will be quite satisfied with the whole family brought 13 pictures produced. The reporter noticed the photo of her son, making the most of the photos, she said, "every year in the future production, to give his son leave a good memory."

With the increase in the amount of printing shop operations, and many kiosks also offer online shopping services. Taobao shop owner in the "Milky Way Dream" Shop within the last year alone, 387 were sold in December personalized calendar.

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