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Make funs of the Graphics

Believe that our childhood experiences have a home-made greeting cards, but rely on their own to switch our brains want to design drawings, it is indeed a very difficult thing. But if you have the time Taiwan MFP, I am afraid no longer racked their brains to make a greeting card. Because as the function of the machine revealed, your creative thinking have begun to constantly emerge. Canon Teng-Cai PIXMAMP558 is such a model, you can use it to auto-scan function, scan beautiful images of various materials, using its random gifts from Easy-Webprint software, create personalized e-card, you can also use photo paper print out better than even better cards to buy back a lot of it.

Of course, if do not want to use computers, photocopying machine functions are equally good. You just need a good design of my own photographs, and then overprint the way through layers of copy, then this card will definitely be the shiny, unique. In addition, because the MP558 and iP4760 has the same print resolution, so it is produced by the greeting card also has a consistent and high quality print characteristics. Even if you grant the other party of its, he thought it was a supermarket from the bookstore to buy it back.

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