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Macintosh Photo Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 software combines power and simplicity to help you do it all. You can edit and enhance your photos by fixing common flaws instantly or using advanced options for more control, and show off your creativity in even more entertaining ways, including cards, calendars. Enhance your photos with powerful new tools that help you adjust specific areas of a photo in less time and even remove red eye automatically. The software has functions allowing you to create fun composites with new features that let you make more precise selections and smooth out rough edges. Users can perform quick fixes with a full range of adjustment tools, including color,contrast and lighting by using the convenient Quick Fix mode. Enjoy the nondestructive photo processing and fine-tune exposure and lighting by working directly with the raw image files from your digital camera. Easily convert raw files to the universal Digital Negative (DNG) format to help ensure you'll always be able to open and use your photo files in the future.

iPhoto '08 is another high-quality Macintosh Photo Editing Software. Apple has put a lot of effort in this applicaiton making it a better photo editor than it was before. There is a function that allows you to copy all of the adjustments you've made from one photo and apply it to other photos, which is great for fixing a whole group of less than perfect images. The Retouch Tool is also enhanced through the implementation of new algorithms so it's now more useful than ever before. The non-destructive editing feature is also available. It keeps a list of all the changes you have made to the image, so you can undo all the changes you made at any time.

Apple Aperture 1.5.4 is compatible with iPhoto '08, including the ability to import images directly from the most current version of iPhoto and the ability to share Aperture images with other iLife '08 and iWork applications using the iLife Media Browser. The official page of Aperture is Powerful, Aperture features a RAW-focused workflow from capture to output that makes working with RAW files as easy as JPEG. No need to convert your RAW files before doing anything with them. Aperture automatically creates "versions" of your "master" images to preview, crop, color correct, sharpen, and apply other modifications to. And with the most powerful image processing in the world, Aperture is fast Â- whether youÂ're working with RAW, JPEG, or TIFF images.

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