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Microsoft's Longhorn will support uncompressed digital photo editing

June 2 news, Windows operating system, the latest version of Longhorn will support uncompressed digital camera photos, this feature may change the way people view, edit photos.

Third time this week, Microsoft announced the Nikon, Canon, Fujitsu and Adobe reached an agreement: to allow Windows users to view, print, edit uncompressed digital camera photos.

Digital film "raw" data file has not been taken directly from the "pixel" of the CCD, and then be converted to JPEG, GIF, TIFF and other common image format.

Because the "raw" format to provide the best image quality, so most of the professional photographer is more like the image that allow users greater control over the format. For example, users can adjust exposure, color and so on. According to Microsoft's internal investigation revealed that the use of "raw" format digital camera users, about 15%.

Microsoft believes that the use of "raw" format has also brought new problems: that is, the digital camera manufacturers have adopted their own "raw" format to store documents, and a new digital camera models with the original use of "raw" documents are not compatible. Forcing users to use a digital camera manufacturers editing software, or format conversion software such as Photoshop. Microsoft is working with Nikon, Adobe and other vendors to develop in Longhorn to deal with "raw" format of the structure. Microsoft will also help the standardization of its software partners of its "raw" format: for partners to submit their own code so that it can be applied in Longhorn.

However, in the second half of 2006, that is, before the Longhorn release, Microsoft will launch Windows XP platform Raw Image Thumbnailer. Joshi said that through the use of Raw Image Thumbnailer, Windows users will be able to browse, preview, print "raw" file format, but you can not edit. Microsoft in a few weeks to launch the tool. Microsoft said that its long-term strategy is to use its "raw" format image editing capabilities to enhance the future version of Digital Image Suite.

Digital photography market, there has been no sign of slowing down. Market research firms IDC and even predicted that prices of expensive single-lens reflex digital camera price is declining, during the period 2005-2009 is expected to single-lens reflex digital camera sales will reach an average annual growth rate of 12%.

However, both Sony and Kodak digital cameras and Microsoft has yet to establish standards for "raw" format of the plan.

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