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It is incredible that in today's digital camera technology will be taken pictures of some of the worst. We can buy cameras, they can use the Earth's rotation around the synchronous satellite positioning camera pictures were taken when the exact location by latitude, but they still do not make a reliable red-eye solution. I can not believe that we still have to deal with red-eye problem, we always do so, may never do so.

5.1 What made at any time to amend any

Photoshop Lightroom record Develop module, we have done on each of the photo editing, it is within the History panel to show what we have done to run a list of editors (in accordance with the application of their order). Therefore, if we want to withdraw any step back, so that photo back to this step the effect of pre-editing, as long as the click can be done once. But now, regrettably, we can not just single steps to restore and retain the other steps, but we all errors can be withdrawn at any time, and then choose to start from this point of the newly amended done.

Step 1:

PS Lightroom skills - to deal with the issue of photographs
Figure 5-1

Develop module to see the edit history, click left side panel region History (calendar
History records) title panel to start it. This will be shown during the editing session, we selected according to the current
Film has a list of all the modifications carried out, recent changes at the top (as shown in Figure 5-1). If you see the left side scroll bar appears, then the list of more history, we can click the scroll bar, drag down, history shows that other state.

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PhotoShop lightroom skill page1

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