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photoshop image layer secret -2

In addition to 10 kinds of effects of the default layer, the Layer Style dialog box there are two additional options. The first "style" option displays all be stored in the style of the style panel. The so-called style, that is, one or more mixed-layer effects or layer a combination of options. Click the triangle next to, there's the drop-down menu will appear to replace, such as loading an order form, you can also change the style of the size of thumbnails. Selected after a certain style, you can rename it and delete command. Style of operation here and in the style is basically the same panel. Create and save your own style, they will also appear in the style options and style panel. (Figure 03)

Figure 03

Layer Style dialog box, the second option is self-mixed option. It is divided into conventional mixed, senior mixed and mixed color with three parts. Among them, the conventional hybrid, including a mixed-mode and non-transparency of the two, which is our most commonly used adjustment layers, layer is the most basic options. Them in the Layers Panel and mixed-mode and non-transparency is the same. More complex in the absence of adjustment layers, we would normally take in the Layers panel to regulate. No matter where you change the layers and layers of mixed-mode is not transparency, conventional and hybrid options in the Layers panel to change these two will be synchronized. Here you can test a variety of non-transparency and layers of mixed-mode images of the impact of change, and not have to worry about damage to amend the original image. (Figure 04)

Figure 04

Options in the senior mixed, you can layer for more control. Transparency is not filled from the Photoshop 6 version of the future began to emerge as a new option. In the previous version, Photoshop layer opacity to control only the "opacity" (Opacity) option, which controls all the layers visible elements. Photoshop 6 from the beginning, there has been filled with non-transparent (Fill Opacity), only affect the layer in the drawing or the shape of the pixels on the layer styles and mixed-mode but does not work. Of mixed-mode, layer opacity and layer styles is not transparent at the same time the overall effect is not the transparency of layers. This non-transparency of the two different options so that we can be content layer and its layer opacity opacity effects be dealt with separately. Also the example we have, when we add on the text layer the effect of a simple projection, the only mixed in the lower layers of conventional non-transparency, and maintain fill opacity to 100%, you will find text and non-transparency projector reduced, as shown in Figure 05a; and maintain the overall opacity of the layer remains unchanged, will reduce the fill opacity to 0%, the text has become invisible, and the projection effect is not affected, as shown in Figure 05b. In this way, you can hide text at the same time still show the effect of layers, so that we can create invisible or transparent embossed projection effects. Photoshop 7 will be filled with non-transparent layer on the panel, this is more convenient adjustment.

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