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The secret of Photoshop image layer editing - 1

Layer effects and styles is a result of an epoch-making progress Photoshop. In Photoshop, the use of layer effects and layer styles to create special image effects, the convenience of their own even more surprising effects. Your style layer effects and to know how many? If you know it is limited to add a simple projection effect or what relief, then you need to sit down and have a good look at the. This article will tell you some layer effects and styles on the secret, these are the images created in the most practical skills. After these you will find that you had thought that in these simple command, such a hidden and mysterious world wide!

First of all, you need to know is that the layer effects and the use of style. Although the layer effects and layer styles can only be used in general, but most of us ordinary layer is time to face the target. Can not be directly applied to the effectiveness and style of the background and locked layers can be converted into ordinary layer taken, the method of unlocking. Although not directly on the layer using layer effects group, but the layers can separate group application layer.

The effect of the role of layers in the layer of opaque pixels, layer effects and the contents of the link layer. Advantage of this change if the content layer, then layer effects to make changes accordingly. As illustrated in the examples: in the background layer, the black text in a separate layer, we use layer style> projection for the text layer to add the shadow effect of the most basic. When the contents of the text layer has been changed, the projector is also changed to comply with the text immediately. This is a very important point - the effect of any type of layers are based on the content layer, no matter what kind of layers to make changes, they will never be content with the layer change and adapt the content layer. (Figure 01)

Figure 01

Now we take a look at the Layer Style dialog box options. You can use several different methods of transfer of the Layer Style dialog box - from the menu: Choose Layer> Layer Style from the Style list, select the specific effects; Or, click the Layers Panel at the bottom of the " F "button; the most simple and direct way is to double-click the style you want to add layers (in Photoshop 7 by double-clicking the layer name will be named Layer). Layer Style dialog box is the left side of the effect of different types of layers, including the projector, illuminated, inclined plane, stacking and Stroke, and several other major categories. Dialog among the various effects of different options, you can from the right by a small window to see a preview of the effect settings. If you select the "preview" option, then the effect of changes, even if not yet applied to the image, the image window can also see the effect of the impact of change on the image. You can effect one or more of the collection stored in a new style, applied to other images. (Figure 02)

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