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Photo editing - Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Click for full image.Now that you've positioned the first picture in your collage, completing the project is just a matter of repeating the process for each photo you want to use. You can add any number of images, give them unique sizes and positions, and make your collage as visually interesting as you like. Pictures can overlap or have white borders--it's all up to you. Here's what my collage looks like.

Some tips:

    * You need to click OK in the resize check box before Photoshop Elements will let you switch to another photo in the Project Bin.
    * Don't worry about goofing. Let's say you're trying to move a photo with the Move tool, but you accidentally create a selection because the Marquee tool was still selected. If that happens, choose Select, Deselect from the menu to undo that glitch.
    * You can control which photos appear on top by right-clicking the photo and selecting Bring to Front.

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