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Easy Watermark Creator enables you to add one or more watermarks to your images, in order to protect and display your intellectual property rights. The program supports 3 types of watermarks, including text based watermarks, image watermarks (e.g. your logo) as well as date watermarks that simply add a visual date display to the photo, which can be a chosen date, or the date extracted from the image`s EXIF data. You can apply a combination of watermarks and save the watermark configuration for later reuse. Other features include batch processing of images, support for transparency, tiling of watermarks and command-line support.

Likno Web Button Maker enables you to create stylish 3D buttons for use on web sites. It comes with various preset shapes, patterns and button material that can be customized to your needs. In addition, it offers drop shadow effects, button text, background images and customizable lightning angles. The program does not require any graphical expertise, everything is point and click. The results can be exported to JPG, GIF or PNG file.

Cover Expert enables you to create virtual covers for your products, including CDs, DVDs and books. You can choose from several template designs and load your own images to be used for the sides and front of the objects. The program provides a 3D environment that allows you to scale, rotate and place objects in the scene. You can adjust camera angels, light and shadow, and also add reflection effects to make the scene look more realistic. Cover Expert can render your design to PNG, JPG, GIF and several other image formats.

Ever wanted to create a button for your program or web site without having to learn how to use those complicated paint programs? Just Buttons lets you easily create buttons with added text and graphics. It offers various text formatting options to create visual effects such as raised/recessed text as well as shadowed effects and more. You can create glass and plastic style buttons in different shapes and even create Image maps to make those button designs clickable.

ProStockMaster enables amateur photographers to upload their image simultaneously to multiple photo stock sites. The program also allows you to review EXIF information and helps you populate ITPC data with automatic keyword suggestions and keyword translations. ProStockMaster currently supports iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, DreamsTime, 123rf, BigStockPhoto, CanStockPhoto, Fotolia, Stockxpert, Alamy, PantherMedia and Pixamba. You need to have an account with one or more of these sites in order to upload your photos. (Upload not tested during review). The trial version can be used for free with up to 5 uploads per day.

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