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How do I make jpeg image background transparent?

Lily: Is it possible to make the white background of the jpeg image to be transparent so that the drawing done in illustrator shows through the white background area only. I would like to bring this image into illustrator to incoroporate with my drawing.

Any suggestions given would be very much appreciated!


Please search via Google with the following searchstring: "photoshop tutorial remove background"

Here is another tutorial called "How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop", but it's only one method to do this. There are still more tutorials about that.

Your background isn't transparent, so you have to remove the white background if you need this image with a transparent background in Adobe Illustrator.

If your using PS(photoshop) than heres how.
In your tool box there Is an eraser, If u right clikc It says "background eraser"
This will let u click on the white and It will turn It transparent.
If you have trouble with that, use the pen tool to outline the flower and copy and paste It onto a transparent doc.
Try this out and let me know how It goes.
Save as Png. Otherwise It dosent work, jpeg dosent do transparent =)

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