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JetPhoto Studio for Mac 4.5

Company Published: JetPhoto
License: Free Edition
Software rating: classification standards
Green Certification: Certification through the non-plug-ins
Operating System: Macintosh
Software Language: Multilingual
Software Size: 24,104 KB
Updated :2009-07-21
Downloads: cumulative / 4 weeks / 4
Keyword Item: photo album photos

Czech beat albums (JetPhoto) is a powerful digital photo management and Web album released online software, it helps you to build desktop PCs album, organize digital photos, and albums can be posted to the Web site. Czech beat albums of the actual photos can be taken in accordance with the time, automatically marking the calendar table. Date Time in order to facilitate browsing through the photographs, or write their own diary photography (PHOTOBLOG). Written text for the album, in order to add a photo of each text label, or through keywords and classification labels to describe the photos.

JetPhoto also provides a wealth of tools that can generate Flash animated photo album, the production of mobile photo album, or reduce the size of the bulk export of images, add watermark and so on.

PC users can create, manage and view the photo album. More can be the most convenient operation, will be posted to the album with a rich templates online photo album website.

Multi-language version support of Jane, complex Chinese, English, French, German interface.

Support for Mac OS X 10.3 and above, the same Intel-based Apple Computer.

JetPhoto Studio also have Windows versions.

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