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Good software Instant Photo Editor

I need a photo editing software, can be attached to attributes, photos, and more than the use of search and update these attributes


hotobase thought.

But basically all of the software, so you can choose to view pictures, you can add keywords of documents ...

I test in the Middle East is my own. I have downloaded a trial version of iMatch, looks excellent, and it is also the latest version, ACDSee, it seems too much work - the same as the cost of the two (50 U.S. dollars). I also need to look at whether the easy addition, ACDSee Let me choose the image retrieval as well as the hard drive CD-ROM. At the same time, it will occur whether or not in my Windows Explorer XP have any such hidden talents in its gorgeous appearance of the report .... I will.

Photo Toolkit - a simple picture editor

Photo Toolkit is a powerful and easy to learn solution to improve digital photos. Only a few clicks, anyone can automatically correct the most common problem of digital photos directly from Windows Fax and Picture Viewer or Windows Explorer.

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Polystyrene elements I have recently, I have been using it a relatively high level of adjustment. I tried to do a panorama it one day though, I can not order it to find a face mask (I like to use layer masks to fill the adjacent graduation photos mixed together, help to hide the join and my poor PS skills). I am looking forward to a straight-through?


No one rushed in to answer your question, so I will do my best. I use all the elements of time, but I am not an expert to determine.

I can tell from the elements without a mask, itself, PS or not PSP8. You can here a number of excellent tutorials, and a couple to tell you how to "simulate" Mask

Instant Photo Editor

Restore old photos and new digital images to improve the real-time photo editor. This easy-to-use program to enhance and correct your picture perfect results. Easily import photos from digital cameras, camera, or scanner. Optimize the use of single-click auto-correct color, resolution, and so on. Edit the color and contrast, rotate, retouch, and crop just the way you want.

Instant photo generators automatically provide you with the changes in your photos with different settings. Check your progress at any time by right-clicking immediately see your original photos. Adjust color, contrast, brightness, saturation, gamma value. Remove red eye and correct under-and over-exposure, the elimination of shadows and sunspots, crop images, and create a paper-cutting. You can also get free Konica inkjet photo paper to buy.

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