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Are Twitter Users Inactive? Depends on How You Look at It

Hubspot's Twittersphere reporting second country Yes and again, roughly look glance shows, Twitter's many users not very active. Yet all depends you How was define "inactive" from different angles showed that only less than 10% of Twitter of users not truly used all.It 'personnel S been Twitter's (Twitter) tough month view, statistics - wise. Competition and Quantcast announced May traffic statistics show Twitter significant growth has stopped even reversed. Before this, Harvard Business Review report shows most Twitter users are passive 10%, accounting all users 90% total tweet.

Our own this Pall has taken in ice tremendous growth look and noted that this vicious circle has managed In just month some very big site. However, when involves ice (ice), Huan premature conclusion. A its flow large partly from, has moved from first day redirected to ice; addition, Microsoft spent a lot money ice marketing. Dust subsidence later - in- we will see ice authentic while Google (Google) and search space competitors.

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