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Editing image shape layers in Photoshop

    A shape layer is a fill layer linked to a vector mask. You can easily change the fill to a different color, a gradient, or a pattern by editing the image shape's fill layer. You can also edit the shape's vector mask to modify the shape outline, and apply a style to the image layer.

To change the color of a shape:

    Double-click the shape image layer's thumbnail in the Layers palette, and choose a different color using the color picker.

To fill a shape with a pattern or gradient:

  1. Select a shape layer in the image Layers palette.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Choose image Layer > Change Layer Content > Gradient, and set gradient options.
    • Choose image Layer > Change Layer Content > Pattern, and set pattern options.
  3. For more information, see Using adjustment layers and fill layers editing (Photoshop).

To modify the outline of a shape:

Click the shape layer's vector mask thumbnail in the Layers palette or Paths palette. Then change the shape using the shape and pen tools.

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Editing image shape layers in Photoshop