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Put your photos into a story - PhotoStory3 Guide

Put your photos into a story - PhotoStory3 Guide

Here to tell you about a deal with Microsoft's photo software PhtoStory3, it can very much your photos into a convenient "photos video stories." Microsoft products, natural quality and ease of use is also a guarantee.
Put your photos into a story - PhotoStory3 a tutorial, PhtoStory3 for Windows description:
The use of Photo Story 3 for Windows to your digital photos to add animation, effects, music and other content to your favorite records the way of life. Simply click the picture polish easily, you can add a title or pretty lively pan and zoom feature to make your work more professional level, but also can create a record - or even record a monologue. And then ask you to appreciate the effect. Start now to share your story now!

Sina Download Download address:

Download the official Microsoft Download:

Second, pyronaridine story:

1, Let's go! The beginning of our trip PhtoStory3. Select "start a new story."

2, import pictures:

Here we want to import photos of the production as a PhotoStory. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple photos first. As a demonstration, I selected one of Taiwan's IT engineers photographs in the Aegean.

3, order, edit picture:

Let's look at one of these features:

Below is a picture navigation bar, where can drag the picture with the position you want, where I put the plane in the photographs of the first. Of course, we can use the right side of the forward, backward, or right-button menu to order.

Part of the right side of a red circle with a "black removal," the connection, can click on the wizard to remove the black side of the picture. PhotoStory is recommended to remove the black frame, it was said that was the case would be better, of course, you can choose whether or not to remove their own.

Part of the left red circle is a group of photo-editing button, you can automatically help you color correction, red-eye correction and image rotation. Click the "Edit" can be a more detailed picture of the editor, such as cropping, contrast correction, but also to the picture with some cool effects, we take a look at.

Can choose a variety of picture effects, here I want pictures of the elderly more taste, then select a "black and white" effect, select the following

Tips: In PhotoStory use of some important sections of the outcome will be a very good picture to use, such as starting at the end of the day or the beginning of a Journey:). Picture effect settings can be more efficient in the next step settings.

4, for the image to add text and effects:

Here we can have a photograph for each????ô, such as travel sites, photos of people, all kinds of feelings and so little story. Can choose fonts, colors, size and location in the picture and so on.

As an effect, we used the same function, this is to add the effect of the local picture, you can easily add a variety of effects to photos.

5, set the picture transition and add a picture description:

The right part of the red circle through a microphone to record the stories behind the photos, such as anecdotes, emotions, weather, etc., explained that the above is clear.

The left side of the "custom animation" can be set for each photo, as well as the emergence of animation transition.

Animation and duration, PhotoStory will automatically help you set up, of course, you can set up each picture on its own.

Then look at the "transition", but also between the two pictures is the way the transition. You can choose a variety of artistic transition, PhotoStory is the very beginning will give you a random set of good, if not satisfied with the pre-think, you can click the transition of their own design. Below the navigation buttons can easily switch to the next photo.

6, add background music:

We can choose our favorite music as background music PhotoStory, support MP3, WMA, WAV format. In some sections of a photo with a song, the next chapter for a, so that will not be monotonous. Below the navigation bar will show where the song continued to a photo. Matched with their own singing their own photos, this is a simple MV??.

If you do not have the right music, MS still wants to give us a very thoughtful, you can produce their own music, the choice is very simple style, genre and so on the list, click Preview to see is not appropriate.

7, save for the WMV file PhotoStory:

Let's save the use of options, PhotoStory very thoughtful, it will be convenient to preserve the Pocket PC, Smart phone and other equipment to support the video file, but in general we have chosen to "save the story to play on the computer." Can also click the following settings to do a more detailed settings.

8, and you're done:

Click Next, PhotoStory started to work hard, compressed video, mixing audio ... ...

Wow, finally completed, click on "Pet Story" to see your own masterpiece.

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