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Universal genius for photo editing.

More than 1.5 million users worldwide swear by GraphicConverter X | Classic – from amateur photographers to professional designers. The press has dubbed the program the equivalent of the "Swiss penknife" describing it as a "universal genius for photo editing on the Mac" and this high performance program costs just 29.95 Euros / 34.95 USD.

GraphicConverter offers you everything you need  and would expect for an all-round editing software for your Mac with ease of use, an excellent range of functions, stability and reliability.

And the best is that you can test our award-winning software practically without any restrictions* at your leisure until you decide to make the purchase.
Import and export functions

    * Import of approx. 200 & export of approx. 80 graphic formats
    * Catalog generation (web, print, picture)
    * Picture import direct from the camera (also RAW)
    * TWAIN interface for scanners

Picture organization & workflow management

    * Graphical file and picture browser
    * Slide show functions
    * Batch conversion
    * Support for AppleScript

Picture editing

    * Express picture enhancement function
    * Enhancement and creation of pictures for use in the internet
    * Basic functions for editing pictures
    * Advanced functions, effects and filters for picture manipulation
    * Photoshop-compatible plug-in architecture
    * Color management with ColorSync and ICC profiles


    * Universal binary version for Intel-Macs
    * Support for Mac OS 8, 9 and X & designed for G4, G5, single and multicore Intel processors
    * Support for the JPEG2000 format
    * Multilingual – with 12 available languages


    * The "GraphicConverter Manual" will enable you to become familiar with the wide scope of our software
    * The "Workshops  1-12"  shows the usage of the software  for common tasks

The shareware price for GraphicConverter is just 34.95 USD / 29.95 € (download).
A CD is available as option. Please contact us for details of
special conditions for multi-user licenses (from 10 users).   

GraphicConverter is shareware. This means you can test the product
without obligation and free of charge.

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