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Popular in the era of film cameras, and only an experienced master of the amendment to the flaw in some of the photos, modified a nearly perfect. However, with the emergence of digital photography, everything changed. Digital cameras getting better and better, not only to clear and vivid photos taken, and everyone can use image editing software modification for the photos, "an operation" complete face-lift even more praiseworthy is that a lot of similar software, all do not have to money. Ordinary consumers, as long as download the software, everyone can become a master of repair, removal of some defects, to retain the memory of the most perfect. Internet ocean this information is then to fun, there are treasures everywhere.
10 photos modified method: Although the image editing software can be modified photo flaws, but according to the original film, and to a higher level. Software will not be magic, too bad the photos can not be turned into works of masters. Digital photos in the end what can be modified? Some digital camera red-eye in the shooting on this problem, however, after a lot of software can remedy. Cutting a number of digital cameras to provide cutting camera photos directly, but use software to do, more convenient. Portrait modified software can fade acne, scars, or the impact of photographs of beautiful things. Color, brightness, contrast adjustment can be as much as possible after the light source to improve the shooting problem. Black and white color change has also built a number of digital cameras that include the brown back, the software can do more discoloration. Then slit it seems only a small number of panoramic camera photographs of the camera can take panoramic photos joints, and only a small number of image editing software, can take multiple photos into a panorama according to sewing. Filter had the effect of filters do not have to spend money on software to achieve more results. Add text and graphic design software to easily write on the photo or add text effects of a variety of patterns and even increase, such as frames. Or a combination according to collageThis is only the special features of software, but also do seamless. Add a watermark photo watermark, photo will not be easily copied. Free image editing software view: In addition to the major software images, the Internet, there are many free image-processing software, function is different, and even than some of the software included with the camera beyond. These free-to-use software is through the Internet gave people the gift of photography fans. Requirements for the supreme quality photos photography fans could download to try, the effect certainly surprise you. Eliminate noise of a smooth face changed Erhualian pox sometimes inadequate in the light source, or with high ISO and high-sensitivity shooting the photos, will produce some noise (Noise), to make photos appear fuzzy and "snow" phenomenon. Some cameras feature built-in noise reduction can be taken to reduce noise. If there is no similar function, after the shooting, you can be produced by the French Java software program to optimize the picture. This small software, not only the elimination of noise, but also optimize the photo lines, or even to eliminate some of the small miscellaneous bad points. Software: NDNoise Version: 0.4 Size: 870KB License: Free (restricted to non-business) Web site: other noise reduction software called "Neat Image", is said to feature more than NDNoise, but also There are Photoshop plug-in version of the software. The software, in addition to suitable for digital photos, can also be used to scan negatives, or scan in photos, but also tested a number of foreign photographers, are full of praise for this software. Software: Neat Image Version: 5.4 Size: 2.1MB License: Free (limit function demo version, limited to non-business) Web site: Picasso's Picasa also candidly admit defeat by Google (Google) produced the Picasa image management and editing software, the functional effects can be comparable to the well-known software fees. It features 6 large, do not depend on each, including: management, editing modification, sharing, printing, backup and creation. It supports a variety of image file format (jpg, bmp, gif, png, psd, tif), can read all major camera RAW files, but also can look at a variety of video formats (avi, mpg, wmv, asf, mov). Like Picasa as a full-featured free image editing software, it is rare. Software: Picasa version: 2 Size: 4.56MB License: Free Web site: also the world is not black and white color prior to your black and white photographs, although full of beautiful memories, however, so one is always the lack of bit color, then color, if seen, will be more valuable. Through advanced computer technology, now you can color photo into black and white photographs. This software is unbelievable "Recolored" can be magical for you, black-and-white photographs, regain its past glory Believe it or not. Site of an earlier version of inventory, I think it was free. Software: Recolored Version: 1.0.1 Size: 5.5MB License: Free (21-day trial, limited to non-business) Web site: magic of light and shade with a master hand in the repair of a rare master of the China's software, digital photos can repair imperfect, can make up light, rendering Wanxia, repairing old photographs fade, analog positive effects, color photo to black and white, and reverse negative, negative effects, optimization of the effect of night, a key amendment to white balance, repair, CCD dead point, digital by light, the deformation correction, elimination of noise, analog soft, remove red eye, etc., but also for the photos with a watermark, border patterns, side effects, such as tear, in short everything. When downloading, please note the distinction between Simplified or Traditional versions. Software: light magic hand version: 0.21 (simplified version) 0.20 (English version) Size: 1.6MB License: Free (restricted to non-business) Web site: Initial repair of the fastest-J Do not look down on the Java software, the software program to prepare it to deal with but the fastest photo software, a second to deal with 40 million pixels can be processed within 0.1 seconds in a 2048x2048-pixel images. It can also be installed on the website, online photo processing, but also downloaded to the computer independently. Software: ImgameJ version: 1.37j Size: 1.5MB License: Free Web site: camera images free software for major companies have good material for free? We spent some time on large images to browse and search the company's Web site and found that most only download the upgrade version of the software, users must first use the software comes with the software after the installation CD-ROM to install the upgrade version. We also found that only 23 the company's Web site, and provide free registration of full version free image editing software.

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