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Free photo editing instead of buying it

Photo Editor instead of software?

Damn site more PS - less memory hungry and very easy to use. Its practical use for a small number of photographers and graphic than the polystyrene
I just assess the trial version, but in the use of Photoshop (LE and film) for some time, I found it more difficult. I like to clean large windows and my understanding is that all the process will be completed, 16-bit level, this is not going to do the Photoshop also. I suspect that in the 30-day trial period for giving me enough time to make a decision, but I will persevere until that time

There may be two images automatically crops them pixel by comparing pixels?

Here I am in distress and the urgent need to help!

Well, here's the situation. I have a series of pictures taken by film cam, and I each frame of the digital format. Said that the picture is named img1, img2, IMG, etc. 3. I need a software to compare real-time the size of G1 and pixel img2, img2 pixels transparent so that, if the same color scheme for pixcel as img1 (from the same coordinates), and then save or crops img2 PNG transparent part img2. Similarly, img3 then the original img2 ... and so on will be cut to save all images in another folder the name of a series.

I remember using this software in the past, but can not remember the name. Who can tell me the name of the software?

People are aware that the borders of the preparation of free software.
From Lima, Peru
RE: I do not know you are using Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. If Windows or Mac, please try the search If Linux, get gimp. This is a period of time, because I use it, but it is very scary. Back to Win and Mac computers, if you want to use a reasonable amount (about 80 U.S. dollars to us), pick up a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements. In fact, you can download the trial if you have high-speed connection. There are some third-party purchase of the borders and mats. Perform a search in advance of action. Hope that this will be helpful. - T.

Professional AutoPano

I now buy this (the use of commercial products autostitch algorithm), and re-do some of my old Panos. If you look here.
Silky, it is a different animal, because it does not autostitch the color correction and level of control, crop and calibration tools, such as if the contacts are in one or two goals, you can specify a key stroke and others will be adjusted to a mixed in. It is easy to use - this directory in your group and its goals that they (based on time / the EXIF) and production of many Panos you preview shot.

A number of 'pros and cons' that they prefer hands-approach (read the hour hand of the match point and mixed layer), but a button for me. Keep in mind you, I have learned a lot, the use of more artificial PTAssembler progress.

Worth € 100? And not everyone is fantastic autostitch money but pano / mosaic of photos is my main interest in the area of the ball in the family.

The presentation is free and is equipped with about 16 MB of sample photos, you can play your heart's content. Output is a watermark, but the quality is still adequate. If you do not want to sample this is a 4.4 MB download.

Developers (in French) is a 2 person team, so that the documents are still sparse, but there are also some tutorials on the Wikipedia Web site (link from Asia Pulp and Paper) or here.

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