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Question of how to resize image on a forum

Question and answer occurs on a forum regarding photo editing, maybe useful.

Question, I have a picture of my 2 grand daughters and would like to be able to move the heads together so as to fit it into a frame, could you please recommend a software that I could do that with. Thanks in advance.........scotty

you have to resize your photo so it's no larger than 500 pixels in length. (or height for portrait orientation)

lets forget it guys, I am so new I dont know how to resize.
But thanks for your help anyway

WoW finally got it, So what I want to do is cut down the picture with the heads closer together. Thanks.............scotty

Hey Scotty47,
This would be an easy fix. But the image you uploaded is really small. If you would like PM me and I can help you upload or edit this image.

A good and free software I suggest is at
It is a photoshop with almost all the features.
You upload your photos, edit and save on yor computer.
Worth a try!


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Question of how to resize image on a forum

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