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Create beautiful three-dimensional characters in Photoshop

Tutorial Photosho text of this level is very large, has just begun a three-dimensional character with other similar methods, but also copied and then modified with layer opacity to create three-dimensional effect. The difference is that the author marginal increase in the number of text colors, very stylish.

1, the appropriate size to create a new document, set against a black background, and then enter the text color to # 00e5ff.
2, Ctrl + J copy the layer, set layer opacity to 65% and moving down and left 1 pixel.
3, repeat the above steps many times, the effect is as follows.

4, all put together to copy the layer, set opacity to 47%.
5, using the lasso tool to draw the following irregular one constituency, the use of coated tools, diameter 19 px, hardness of 100%, Strength 30% for smear.

Photoshop create beautiful three-dimensional character of the dream
6, applied to other parts.

7, the letter S and then modified to make it more smooth, there is no redundancy.

8, follow the same approach applied to other parts of the letters to the same effect, and S.

9, smearing some of the letters below.

11, after the use of pen tool to create a constituency the following, and then use the eraser tool, set the opacity to erase 24 percent.

12, to create a new layer, and then we add some color to the letters. Create a constituency to fill the color # ff009c.
Photoshop create beautiful three-dimensional character of the dream

13, set the opacity to 35%.

14, and then adjust the color, first of all, the production of constituencies.

15, set the following results.

16, then use the eraser tool to erase parts of the corner.

17, then use the lasso tool to draw electoral districts, Stroke, the radius is set to 2px, color # 00fcff.

18, copy the layer, set up constituency, use Eraser tool set for 40% opacity to erase the constituency, the layer opacity set to 10%.

19, the same number of irregular production of constituencies, set to different colors, the color is # c2feff.

20, copy the layer, color set to # f1ff12, layer opacity set to 23%.

21, using the eraser tool to erase.

22, color settings are as follows.

23, for sub-layers for the stack.

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