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Image editor features

Listed below are a better graphics program on the most commonly used features. This list is not all inclusive. There are countless applications associated with these most of the features choice.

For many applications mentioned below some of the ways is to select one of the prerequisites (s images), thereby changing the selective application, without affecting the entire picture. Most graphics programs have several ways, such as the selection tool, lasso, the carrier, pen-based tools, as well as more advanced facilities, such as edge detection, shielding, α synthesis and extraction of color and channels.

Another common feature is to apply a lot of graphics layer, which is similar to a transparent acetate sheet, (each containing separate elements to form a comprehensive picture), stacked superimposed with each other, each one can be individually positioned to change and mix with the following layer does not affect any of the other layers. This is a basic workflow has become the norm in most programs on the market today, able to provide the user maximum flexibility, while maintaining the principle of non-destructive editing and ease of use.

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Image editor features

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