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Four Essential Photo Editing Tricks

The purists will tell you - they will tell me - it is all about pressing the camera shutter photography. Every week, for example, I received an e-mail claiming that any reader who has been editor for the week of competition should not be considered heat map photos.

However, not only is editing an integral part of digital photography, it was 150 years of film photography an integral part of it. Fledgling corner of the photo lab image processing involves a lot of subjective adjust the exposure (even if you are not one who did it). So here is my challenge: to learn that a small number of editing skills, so that you can not put the so-called big picture, so that by the snapshot.

A photo editing software, the main features, including the ability to choose the number of specific parts of the photo, rather than a technology applied to the entire photo.Cropping tool is another popular photo editing software. These tools are used to a certain percentage of enlarged photographs and pruning redundant background. The result is a better image.

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Four Essential Photo Editing Tricks

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