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Imagic Photo Editing Enhancer 7.3

Imagic Photo is a revolutionary photo retouching and photo enhancement software that turns your pictures into stunning, professional, straight out of a glamour magazine look without the fancy, expensive studio equipment. Utilizing a specially advanced 'Virtual Lighting' process, Imagic Photo transforms your ordinary, dull, flat looking photos into detailed, rich, glowing, beautiful images. New Release - Version 7.0 Now you can fine tune your images with Imagic's updated toolbar. Perfect for color correction, fixing under or over exposure, correcting skin tone, reviving faded images, removing unwanted color casts, or adding an artistic flair. And with the tools set right at your fingertips, it allows you to touch up your pictures on the fly, without having to search through and navigate confusing menus. Within a matter of seconds, you can make minor color or lighting corrections, or take your photographs to a whole new level. Key Features of Imagic Photo's toolbar: Lighting: The real magic of Imagic Photo. A specially designed processing algorithm adds studio quality "Virtual Lighting" to your image. Intensity: Allows you to adjust the amount of lighting, whether you want just a hint to an all out light explosion! Exposure: Great for adjusting images that are too dark or too bright, without altering the overall brightness of your image. Brightness: Adjusts the lightness of your image without blowing out the original color detail and levels. Saturation: Adds or removes the color level, while at the same time leaving a slight hint of the original color. Tonal balance: Use for reducing yellow/blue color casts, or creative effects

Professional photographers frequently need various image enhancement tools for a performing touch-ups on images distorted due to improper lightings, or other such reasons. Working with complex tools take much time that may affect their productivity as well. However, if you’re also facing these hassles then you can try out a simpler way of enhancing images by trying out the new Imagic Photo Enhancer 7.3.

The software offers easier options to facilitate you in image retouching and enhancement process. Using the application, you can modify images with dull and flat appearance to give them a rich and stunning glow. With its uncomplicated features, the program helps you fix colors, under/over exposure, skin tone, fadedness, unwanted color casts, along with adding an artistic flair.

With its easily navigable menus the Imagic Photo Enhancer makes it easier for you to improve the images in quick time. Running the program you would see the console with extremely decent design, which is further accompanied by two features placed in a small dialog box. The shown dialog box contains Lighting and Intensity options to make the necessary changes to the image. For enhancement process, open and image with the application that is loaded with the main screen. After the image is loaded, you can alter Lighting, Intensity, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and other features relating Color correction. Following the modification you have to mark ‘Apply’ option’s check box for applying the filters effect and the changes are displayed immediately. The application also contains Duplicate and Resume option that generates a duplicate copy of the opened image within the program. Using this option you can try applying filters with different level of modifications to check which alteration level is most suitable. It even allows you to batch process the images, and then save or print them, as you require.

Imagic Photo Enhancer 7.3 software is a good combination of images enhancement filters for giving them a beautiful and stunning look. Considering it overall remarkable performance and its rich feature set the utility is awarded with 3.5 rating points.

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