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Creating a 3D effect with image editing software

The following is how to make a neat effect to make it look like the photo's theme is pop-up background. This can be used in GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) or Photoshop.

I use the GIMP, because it is free, and almost all the features and functionality of Photoshop open source project and easy to use. Because I use GIMP, and all menus and screen shots will be GIMP specific direction. However, Photoshop is to establish a very close way of GIMP, so it should not be hard to find the right tools. If someone wants to put in comments in the Photoshop menu directions, I will edit it in.

All operations can be completed in a batch mode, the entire photo list. The software can include subfolders and, through the recursive interface and command line. Image list can be saved and loaded at a later time. All the editing and conversion operations, can be arbitrarily set to a maximum degree of control over a large number of options. The entire application is highly customizable. AutoImager allows you to change the image or curly page, batch convert images, and even act as a digital watermarking software.

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Creating a 3D effect with image editing software