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Easy-to-user photo editing

Amazing photo editor, a powerful, easy to use image processing software for image processing, viewing and conversion. 33 amazing effect, could be!
An image editing software. In addition to the usual change in image size, rotation and insert text and other features, but also offers other 27 kinds of image effects (such as mobile (Bleed), fuzzy (Blur), sculpture (Engrave), highlight (Extrude).

Amazing photo editor is very simple photo editing software and image processing software. You can edit unlimited photos at the same time. In addition, the amazing photo editor has a great capacity to deal with photos, such as zoom, rotate, mirror, etc. on.Amazing Photo Editor has 33 effects (exhaust, fuzzy, embossing, curling, etc.), 10 effects ( noise, balance and so on) and 4 photo optimization (Auto Smooth, Gussian, etc.), to make photographs beautiful and appropriate.

Not only a designer's image processing software, but also photo editing software. It reads 53 image formats, in writing 27. Amazing photo editor has batch conversion, can be a large-scale photos.

Easy gif animation is contained in the magic photo editor can help you create animated GIF with photos. You can use it to edit the GIF animation and every frame. In addition, it is AVI, and gif animation converter can convert AVI animation, GIF animation and convert gif animation back.

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