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DIY Greeting pictures

On a festive, everyone likes to friends via cell phone to send blessings SMS, MMS, not to mention the Spring Festival. However, ready-made SMS, MMS are particularly vulnerable to repeat them as they turn one also so few. Today, I teach people to use Mito Xiu Xiu to DIY, the exclusive New Year MMS pictures own personality.
Very interesting, right? All this model produced under the method:

Prior to the formal production, we must first understand the relevant specifications under the MMS pictures.

Size: 100K or less, generally also need to reserve some space to display information, it is generally best to control the size of MMS picture in the 95K.

Supported image formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp. Today, I want to do is to teach the dynamics of GIF format, MMS plans.

Common Size:

128 × 128: Common in the early days, and nowadays some low-end models of mobile phones. MMS animation is the basic size of the network to download to MMS animations with this size of majority, because it can run on almost all supported multimedia mobile phones.

128 × 160: Although the number of pixels per cent more than previously, but mainly used to display some information, they were able to run most of the animation is also still the size of 128 × 128.

176 × 208,240 × 320: common in Symbian and WindowsMobile such as mobile phones with open operating systems, can play full-screen animation. There are also regular mobile phone use this resolution, and can support full-screen playback is uncertain.

480 × 640: commonly found in high-end mobile phone models, although theoretically they can support full-screen playback with the size of the animation, but because of the limitations imposed by GIF, the player can not be guaranteed when the degree of fluency.

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