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Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI 11.20

Paint Shop Pro is comparable with PhotoShop graphics and image processing software. It has a large and powerful rendering and image processing functions, there are a large number of professional drawing tools. In addition to support more than more than 30 file formats, it Layer functions provided to allow you to edit and then combined for more than one Layer and Layer allows each have different special effects, allows you to facilitate a number of editorial, changes can also be carried out only for a modification Layer do not have to re-create the whole map! In addition, the built-in screen interception interception of any feature allows you to edit screen, and then use its special effects and production of a wide range of website features such as using buttons to create professional-level design. The software also brought a professional level of GIF animation tool category Animation Shop 3.05, it allows you to easily create professional-grade animation works.

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